We are old, we are young, we are somewhere in between, but above all else, we are 

Physician Women in Leadership

Our Mission: We believe in women leading women and know that in order to really impact our patients and the healthcare system at large we need Physician Women Leadership to get us to the next level where Women Physicians sit in equal numbers in every healthcare C-suite!

Our Vision: Through collective action, and united passion, PWL aims to get Physician Women into Leadership positions across the healthcare system. Through mentorship, coaching, and strategic partnerships, PWL will help provide the avenue for women physicians to find their path to leadership

Why We Care: Studies have consistently shown that having at least 50% of women in the executive team is a business imperative. In healthcare, stakes are high and lives are laterally at risk, we believe Physician Women in Leadership is need of the time.

Priti Golechha, MD.

Founder of the Physician Women in Leadership.